How to Deal With a Loose or Lost Dental Crown

A dental crown is the white part of the tooth that is easily visible inside the mouth. This part can however sometimes, fall out or chip due to various reasons such as cavities, resulting in tooth sensitivity or even immense pain. There are ways however, of temporarily fixing this problem by yourself in the event you cannot see a dentist in your area right away.

Required Items

  1. A knife or any other sharp pointy object.
  2. A toothbrush.
  3. The loose crown.
  4. Temporary dental adhesive or toothpaste. However, you should carefully read the instructions on the adhesive, in case it requires to be mixed with other elements before application.


In the event that the crown comes off completely, head to a sink and be sure to plug it first, to prevent losing your crown through the sinkhole. Clean the crown thoroughly with the toothbrush to prevent any bacteria from accumulating.

Use the pointed knife or any other pointed object and scrape off the tooth remnants and any other adhesive products from inside the crown.

Take the crown and first do a size fit to see if it still fits by pressing it back on the tooth. In the event that the crown no longer fits in the tooth, you will thus have to hold on and contact your dentist for more professional help. Should the crown still fit inside, take it out and lightly apply the dental adhesive on the inside of the crown.

Firmly press the now filled crown back on to the tooth and bite down on a wet cloth for a few times to ensure that the crown is comfortably snugged inside the tooth.

Wipe out any of the adhesive that might have leaked out the crown on to the side of the tooth, then completely rinse off your mouth with water.

Lost Crown

In the event that you do lose the crown, you will have to look for a temporary adhesive such as dentemp that is a paste.

Brush off the tooth well to remove any debris and other tooth remnants, then remove a small amount of the paste and roll it to make a ball.

You should then firmly fix the small ball of paste on to the tooth, making sure that it fills the hole and bite down to firmly put it in.

Wipe off any excess paste and rinse off the mouth well with water.

Avoid eating for an hour to allow the adhesive to dry.