Questions Every Expectant Mother Should Ask Their Dentist

When you are expecting, there are hundreds of questions that may run through your mind. Unfortunately some of the most important dental questions may go to the wayside until you start noticing problems.  Before you let the ideas and questions go, consider the questions that every expectant mother should ask their dentist.

What Procedures Should Be Avoided?

The same general procedures you should avoid in other aspects of your health during pregnancy should be avoided for your dental care. For example, you should avoid X-rays during your pregnancy.  Though routine cleanings should be fine, any dental work will likely be moved until after your pregnancy. Make sure to tell your dentist about any related pregnancy issues you are having, since these issues may change your dental program or routine.

What Dental Hygiene Items Should be Avoided?

There are a few dental hygiene related products that your dentist may have you avoid during the pregnancy. One of the most common is if you are working on a teeth whitening program. Depending on the type of whitening you are receiving or doing at home, your dentist may postpone any further appointments until after delivery. If you are using a dental hygiene routine that has a whitening base, like toothpaste and mouthwash, you may want to let your dentist know to ensure that it is safe to continue.

What Changes Should You Make For Personal Dental Care?

Though you may not need to make many changes to your routine, make sure to discuss your current routine with your dentist. They may suggest moving to a natural or organic option or a higher fluoride option, as well as removing certain products that, if swallowed, could pose an issue. They may also be able to provide samples of products if you aren't sure you will be able to use them due to personal tastes.

Are There Issues To Look Out For?

One of the most common issues women have with their dental health during pregnancy is with sensitive teeth and enamel. If you begin to notice an increase in your tooth sensitivity, contact your dentist. This could be due to anything from morning sickness to an abrasive found in your toothpaste. Your dentist can review your options based on the items you are using. If necessary, they may have you take an additional supplement that is safe for you and the baby, but helps to increase your enamel or calcium intake.

These are just a few questions you should ask your dentist. There are many more and if you approach your dentist about your questions, they will likely offer their own insights and tips. If you are concerned about any part of your dental care during your pregnancy, or about scheduling care after pregnancy, contact a dentist like Dr Bala Subramaniam Vasanthini B.D.S. for a consultation.