Why Do Dentures Need to Be Kept Moist?

Although your dentist may have told you to keep your dentures in 24/7 for a while until your mouth gets used to wearing them, you may then have been told that you don't have to wear them all the time. Your dentist may even recommend that you leave your dentures out each night to give your mouth a chance to recover from the stresses of daily wear. Alternatively, you may simply find that you get a better night's sleep without dentures in your mouth. If you do remove your dentures for long periods of time, especially overnight, your dentist is also likely to recommend that you keep them wet. This keeps them in the best possible condition and prevents them from getting damaged.

What Happens to Dentures When They Dry Out?

If you don't keep them wet, dentures will dry out. If they become too dry, they may become more prone to damage. For example, they may warp out of shape so that they no longer fit in your mouth correctly. Alternatively, they may become brittle, making them more likely to break or crack.

How to Keep Your Dentures Moist

If you aren't wearing your dentures overnight, dentists typically recommend that you store them in some kind of liquid. For example, you may take advantage of night hours to soak them in a cleaning solution. Alternatively, you can simply store in water in a denture case or glass when you aren't wearing them.

You may need an alternative solution for dentures that have metal attachments. If you soak these dentures in water or a regular cleaning solution, their metal parts may tarnish or become damaged. Make sure to talk to your dentist about the most appropriate way of keeping these kinds of dentures wet without damaging them. For example, your dentist may recommend special cleaning solutions designed not to harm metal dentures.

Warning: Don't ever store dentures in hot water. According to Colgate, hot water may warp the denture, changing its shape and fit.

How to Handle Dried Out Dentures

If you do forget to store your dentures in water and they dry out, it may be a good idea to get them wet again before you wear them. According to Healthdirect Australia, the best thing you can do with dry dentures is to soak them in plain water to make them moist again before you put them back in your mouth . This should restore their pliability and avoid problems with warping or damage.