What Are Some Benefits of Getting Dentures?

If you currently have missing teeth, whether it is only a few teeth or an entire row of teeth, you may be considering your options for replacing the teeth. There are many benefits to choosing partial or complete dentures, including the following.

You Can Eat Better

Having a few multiple teeth missing might not be a major issue as far as your smile is concerned, especially if they are molars that are not easily seen when talking. However, eating can be another story. You may find that it has become very difficult to eat in general, not to mention being severely limited with what you are able to eat. You may be eating only soft foods because you have teeth missing on both sides or because one side of your mouth is starting to get sore because of all the chewing that needs to be done on that side. You can get partial dentures to solve this issue, which are easy to put in and take out, and also help you to eat a variety of foods.

Your Remaining Natural Teeth Are Protected

Partial dentures, as opposed to bridges, can protect your remaining natural teeth. If you were to get a dental bridge, you would need to file down the natural teeth adjacent to the missing teeth where the bridge goes. This is to prepare the teeth for the crowns, which holds the bridge in place. Once they are filed down to a smaller size, it can't be reversed. However, if you get partial dentures, you are able to leave your natural teeth alone.

It is Cost-Effective

If you have multiple missing teeth, it can start getting expensive when you are getting dental implants for each individual tooth, or even if you choose dental bridges. Partial dentures are often more affordable and sometimes covered under dental insurance plans. Whether you are missing two or 10 teeth, you can get partial dentures that help fill in the gaps, helping to restore your smile in the process.

Your Face Profile Looks Normal

When you are missing a lot of teeth in your mouth, it can also affect how your face and mouth looks, even when your mouth is closed. People might not be able to see that teeth are missing, but there is a sunken-in look around your mouth and cheek area. You can avoid this from happening by getting a good set of dentures. If you have a lot of teeth missing, you might want to have the remaining natural teeth extracted and opt for a set of complete dentures. This gives you dentures on the top and bottom, which restores your facial structure to give you more confidence. You can also get implant-supported dentures, which hold the dentures in place and tend to look more natural. For more information, contact a business such as Belmont Denture Clinic.