Emergency Dentist | 3 Priority Actions When A Sports Trauma Results In Broken Teeth

You probably enjoy your time in the boxing ring or perhaps you're a rugby enthusiast. While these sports can be incredibly rewarding, they also put you at higher risk of losing your teeth because of a trauma or blow to your face. Losing a single tooth or multiple teeth can have a significant impact on your appearance. Follow these high priority actions when a sports trauma results in broken teeth and head to your emergency dentist immediately.

Protect The Shattered Tooth Before Getting To The Emergency Dentist

If your tooth has completely shattered from the gums, make sure your protect it before reaching the emergency dentist. Your first action should be to hold the tooth at the crown area, instead of the root area. This is important because you don't want to end up destroying any crucial nerves at the root. If you end up destroying the nerves, your emergency dentist may not be able to place it back in the vacant area. The crown is the other part of your tooth that sticks out of your gums.

Place Teeth In A Box With Salt Water Or Saliva For Preserving Them

Whether you have broken single or multiple teeth, place them in a small box filled with salt water or saliva to keep preserve the roots as judiciously as possible. Water alone doesn't have any protective qualities, so it will not help to protect the nerves and tissues from damage. Salt water and saliva contain higher levels of saline, which helps to preserve your teeth. Keep the box as steady as possible to preserve the nerves and tissues until your emergency dentist appointment. 

Bite Down On Gauze For Teeth That Haven't Completely Broken Away From Gums

If you have a high impact trauma, then it's likely that you've got a problem with multiple teeth. While some teeth may have fallen out, others may be hanging along the gum socket ready to fall out. To prevent his from happening and to preserve the healthiness of the root, you should bite down on gauze or a clean cloth. This will ensure that the tooth doesn't come undone from the root, which makes it easier for the dentist to place it back in the vacant groove. Your dentist may then utilise lasers and other materials to re-attach your teeth.

Don't make the mistake of waiting too long to see an emergency dentist because you run the risk of causing permanent damage to shattered teeth. Your quick action will save your natural teeth.