Reasons You May Require Root Canal Therapy

A common misconception about dental problems is that they are rooted in bad oral hygiene. Although improper care of your teeth will greatly contribute to you requiring dental procedures, this is not the main cause. One treatment most people are apprehensive about is root canal therapy. This procedure, also referred to as endodontic treatment, is carried out when the pulp in your tooth has become compromised by bacteria. The following are some of the reasons why you may require root canal therapy.

Your tooth has started decaying

Decay is one of the more common reasons why a patient may require root canal therapy. As the rot in the tooth begins to progress, it will make its ways into the chamber where the pulp is contained. The onset of this decay will be characterised by sensitivity to hot and cold. However, as it gradually progresses, you may begin to experience mild to severe pain in your tooth. At this point, you will probably have developed a tooth abscess. The longer you postpone a visit to the dentist, the larger the abscess becomes, and this means an increase of bacteria in your tooth.  It is prudent to visit a dentist the moment that you begin to experience tooth sensitivity. If caught early, the dentist can extract the decay and simply fill the remaining cavity. However, if the decay has significantly spread, then the dentist may have to resort to root canal therapy.

You suffer from bruxism

Another reason why you may end up requiring root canal therapy is bruxism. Bruxism is a condition whereby the sufferer will perpetually grind their teeth, especially while they are asleep. Over time, the teeth grinding can lead to fractures and cracks in your teeth. These fissures make it easier for bacteria to make its way into your tooth. Bruxism is a serious concern, as it could lead to other dental problems such as temporomandibular joint disorder. If you have a tendency to grind your teeth, it would be in your best interest to seek a solution from your dentist, which would most likely be in the form of a night guard when sleeping. Left unchecked, the bacteria will multiply in your teeth and will eventually lead to you requiring root canal therapy.

Trauma to your tooth

Trauma to your tooth is another common reason why you may end up requiring root canal therapy. Some people make the mistake of ignoring trauma to their teeth if it only results in a painless crack. However, just because you are not in excruciating pain does not mean that integrity of your tooth has not been compromised over time, bacteria will make its way through the crack and begin festering in your pulp. At this point, it would be crucial to undergo root canal therapy to save the tooth.