Will Implant Overdentures Work in My Case?

If you find it difficult to get used to wearing removable dentures, then you may qualify for the latest type of technology that combines denture wear with special implants. This type of procedure is known as an implant overdenture. What is involved?

Considering the Benefits

There are a variety of different approaches possible and your eligibility will need to be discussed with your dental professional. However, using a combination of an implant with removable dentures can often be a less costly procedure when compared to having crown teeth put in. You can also avoid the general movement and slippage that is frequently linked to removable dentures by themselves.

Metal Bar Attachments

A full removable denture is still needed, but it can be attached to existing implants using a specific technique. This can be achieved in two different ways. The first option is using a connection known as a 'maxillary bar' or 'mandible bar' overdenture. Your denture will be fixed to a bar made from gold metal, which is then connected to your jaw in either the maxillary (upper) or mandible (lower) location.

The second option is to screw individual attachment devices into specific implants that are already in place. While these connections may sound somewhat complex, it's important to remember that you can reattach them yourself without too much trouble after you clean them or at night.

Connecting Points

In order for the full denture to be as stable as possible it will need to be attached to several different implants. If it is the upper denture, it will require more connection points than the lower, as the bone in this location is typically softer. These connection points are crucial because of the enormous pressure that dentures endure during the chewing motion.

Mini Implant Alternative

In some circumstances, you may be able to ask for a mini implant instead. These are cheaper in many cases and may be easier to take in and out, as they are made from special denture plate to which the false teeth are already attached. Bear in mind,  that certain dentists consider these only to be a temporary measure.


It's been found that dental implants with a connector bar are virtually as secure as your natural teeth would be. They will also usually improve the entire appearance on your face and enable you to enjoy that nice smile once again.

Talk with your dentist to learn more about dental implants and other similar solutions.