Five New Resolutions to Help You Look After Your Oral Health in the New Year

When the new year rolls around, it's a time for festivities and reflection, but it should be a time to create new, and hopefully long-lasting, resolutions. All the resolutions that you consider making to improve your social, economic, family and business life should be superseded by resolutions relating to your health. What can you commit to in order to improve your oral health going forward?

There are five resolutions you need to make so that you can arrive at the end of the year with excellent dental health.

Nonnegotiable Checkups

The first of these should be to call a dentist like Cambridge City Dental and schedule two checkups. Most dentists will allow you to do this up to a year in advance and will also commit to sending you a reminder just before your appointment is due. Many people simply overlook this step, especially if they can't immediately see any issues. Yet the dentist will be able to see any potential trouble spots before they arise. Don't forget that your mouth is intrinsically connected to the rest of your body and can often provide evidence of potential problems before they manifest themselves.

Set a New Technique

You already know that you need to brush your teeth. Why not start with a different technique and follow this throughout the year? Have a look at the way that you are brushing at the moment. Are you taking time to cover all of the teeth and the gum line, while also being careful not to brush too aggressively? Don't skimp and buy the cheapest toothbrush you can find either. There's a lot of competition in that field, but ask your dentist what he or she recommends for you. Replace your toothbrush frequently and at least once per month.

Balancing the pH

While brushing may be well established on your list, do you use mouth wash frequently? When you use this daily it will allow you to reach those places that brushing can't. It can also help to balance the pH level in your mouth and can stave off the growth of many different germs.

Don't Skip This Step

Flossing is almost as important as brushing. Yet many people completely skip this step or will do it infrequently. You should do this once per day and make sure that you are getting rid of all food particles. Germs will only thrive if they're not exposed to air, and flossing removes their protection.

Sugar Is the Enemy

Commit to reducing your intake of processed sugars. Try to get natural sugars from fruit instead and remember that too much processed sugar can throw the pH level in your mouth off completely. The high acidity in this type of food and drink is very detrimental to your dental work, so you should brush or use some mouthwash if you do fall off the wagon now or then.