Teeth Whitening – Debunking the Myths Surrounding This Procedure

Undeniably, teeth whitening is one of the more popular dental procedures that people request for as it directly influences their appearance. However, although this procedure may be common, there are still numerous myths that surround it. Moreover, the myths keep being propagated as people opt to carry this procedure out at home before consulting with a dentist, so they do not know what is true or false. Read on to debunk the various myths that surround teeth whitening before you undertake this dental procedure.

Whitening will increase tooth sensitivity 

Tooth whitening can cause sensitivity. Nevertheless, the risk of you developing tooth sensitivity depends on the type of treatment that you opt for. A good number of over the counter whitening kits have hydrogen peroxide as their active ingredient. Direct exposure to hydrogen peroxide over a prolonged duration eventually leads to your enamel deteriorating, which would then leave the nerve endings in your teeth exposed. As a result, you find hot and cold food or beverages become increasingly uncomfortable to ingest. It is advisable to seek professional whitening from a dentist to avoid tooth sensitivity. The clinical treatments tend to bleach free, so they do not pose any harm to your teeth.

Whitening does not need a dental professional

Over-the-counter whitening kits are readily available in most stores. Thus, more and more people believe that to achieve pearly white teeth they do not have to pay a visit to a dentist. In reality, your home whitening kits do not guarantee long-term results. To begin with, these kits are not custom made for your teeth. Therefore, there is a chance that the whitening tray will not fit your teeth snugly. The improper fit then causes your teeth to whiten unevenly, which could make your teeth look worse than they did at the start.

Secondly, everybody has diverse whitening needs. Some individuals may have severe staining whereas others may have mild yellowing. The over the counter kits are designed for mass production, so they will not be customised to whiten your teeth in accordance with your specific staining. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a dental professional, as they would be able to discern what degree of whitening you need for satisfactory results. 

Whitening is a one-off procedure

So you may be considering professional whitening and could be under the assumption that you would only have to get it done once. Although the initial whitening treatment is designed to last for several months, you will eventually need to get another treatment. The mineral composition of your teeth coupled with your dietary habits would dictate the frequency at which you would require teeth whitening.