Three Summer Fruits That May Lead To Your Child Needing Dental Treatment

Summer is only a few months away in Australia, and that means school children are out for six weeks of holidays. During the holidays, it is amazing how much children seem to eat, and as a busy parent, you try to make sure they are eating mostly healthy foods during this time. However, there are some foods which your kids eat during summer which sound healthier than they really are. Here are three summertime fruit foods you may wish to reconsider feeding to your child if you would like to prevent them getting holiday cavities or emergency dental treatments.

Citrus Fruits

One of the nicest fruit choices during summer are oranges and mandarins. Sweet, juicy and full of vitamin C, this fruit choice is a hit with many kids. The problem with allowing your child to eat too many oranges in a short period of time is the acid this fruit contains. Citrus fruit is filled with citric acid, and that acid is not good for the enamel on your child's teeth. Thin enamel means tooth sensitivity and also an increased chance of tooth cavities. If your child does eat citrus fruit, get them to swish water in their mouth afterwards to flush away any acid clinging to their teeth.

Packaged Fruits

Fruits which are packaged in small plastic containers are a great grab-and-go item when you're heading out for a busy day, but while the fruit is a good choice for your child, the syrup they are packed in is not such a wise decision. The amount of sugar in the syrup is tasty, but it is also a cavity causer because the sugar gives tooth-eating bacteria something to eat. If you want to take fruit out with you, choose tinned fruit which is packed in its own juice with no extra added sugar. You can then put it in your own containers for a much healthier treat.

Stone Fruit

Stone fruit is another fruit choice which is in abundance during the summer, but inadvertently biting onto the stone can lead to chipped teeth. If your child is not used to being careful while bitting into peaches or nectarines, cut up the fruit first and remove the stone. While a little more time consuming, it's better than a front tooth repair bill.

Summer holidays are also the perfect time to fit in an annual checkup with a dentist at a clinic like Straightsmiles. So avoid the bad fruits, embrace good foods and enjoy the time in the sun.