3 Effective Teeth Whitening Procedures

Tooth whitening has become a popular cosmetic procedure over the last couple of years thanks to the growing number of people that want a great smile. Therefore, dentists are busy prescribing procedures that they believe will brighten their clients' smiles. If you have noticed some yellowing on your teeth and you are convinced that tooth whitening will work for you, then go for it. The treatment is not invasive, but several factors determine which procedure is best for you. Before you make a trip to the dentist, therefore, you need to know the most effective teeth whitening options at your disposal. This article provides an expert guide in teeth whitening.

Whitening Strips

These are small plastic strips that are coated with a teeth whitening gel that is made up of hydrogen peroxide. During the procedure, the plastic pieces are wound around each tooth — one strip covers the top part of a tooth, and the other strip covers the bottom portion. Covering both the bottom and top surfaces of teeth ensures that the hydrogen peroxide has enough time to seep into the teeth. However, since whitening strips are not custom-made to fit individual patients, the strips increase the risk of irritation when they come into contact with gums. Therefore, dentists advise patients to avoid moving their teeth or jaws frequently when they have whitening strips on. When applied correctly at home, whitening strips can deliver results within a few weeks.

Whitening Trays

It is the most widely recommended teeth whitening method because it considers an individual patient's teeth structure. While fitting whitening tray moulds, a dentist will take the impressions on a patient's teeth. Once the tray is ready, the dentist squirts hydrogen peroxide into teeth impressions and fits the mould inside the patient's mouth. The trays ensure the whitening gel stays put — thereby increasing the chances of success. Moreover, whitening trays ensure that the gel covers the entire surface of the teeth, and this promotes uniform results. Lastly, whitening trays help to keep the gel away from the gums, making it one of the most comfortable teeth whitening procedures around.   

Whitening Toothpaste

When you step into a dentist's examination room, the dentist will first examine your teeth before prescribing the best teeth whitening procedure. Notably, whitening toothpaste is recommended for people that have superficial teeth stains. However, most dentists advise against superficial whitening stains with expensive procedures. For example, if you discover that coffee is the primary cause for your teeth's yellowing, then whitening toothpaste is a great choice. The abrasiveness of the toothpaste removes surface stains effectively. However, if you have intrinsic staining, then whitening toothpaste will not accomplish the objective.