Root Canal Treatment Recovery

Roots canals are renowned for their pain. It's not that they are extremely painful; people just love to exaggerate. Some claim that it's the worst pain you can ever experience during a dental procedure. However, a root canal treatment really helps alleviate pain.  

Modern root canal treatment methods are typically painless. You might experience some discomfort during the procedure but not the kind of exaggerated pain that everyone talks about. Once the procedure is complete, you can follow these recovery tips.

1.    Pay close attention to how your mouth feels

After the procedure, the endodontist will give you instructions on how to care for your recovering tooth and the kind of medication to use. The endodontist will have used numbing medication, and it eventually wears off. Make sure that you don't eat before the numbing medication wears off or you might risk hurting yourself while eating. Once it wears off, you will begin to feel some tenderness and mild soreness that will affect your ability to open and close your mouth.  

You can alleviate the soreness by using an ice pack. Sleep with your head in an elevated position to avoid irritation.

2.    Proper hygiene habits

Proper hygiene is vital to recovery as your body won't heal as fast if you're not taking good care of it. You need to brush your teeth in the morning and before bed for two minutes. Also, floss to remove any food that's stuck between the teeth.

3.    Rest

Your body needs adequate rest to recover. Try to get sufficient sleep, and if possible, take several days off work. Spend your time sleeping and taking your medication during your days off. Also, don't exercise for several days until you're feeling better. Doing strenuous exercises before your body is fully recovered might result in bleeding. The exercise might also feel uncomfortable, so you should let your body recuperate before resuming your workouts.  

If you prefer to work out rather than rest, choose exercises that are easy on your recovering body.

4.    Avoid hard foods

Resist the temptation to eat hard foods that might cause you discomfort when chewing. It will take a few days to a week before the sensitivity is completely diminished. Choose meals that require little to no chewing such as smoothies, soups, etc. Once you're feeling better, you can eat whatever you please.

Don't forget to monitor your progress after the root canal treatment and update your dentist in case of any complications or unusual symptoms.