4 Advantages of Loose Denture Relining

If your dentures have started to feel loose, you can achieve a better fit through denture relining. In this process, a dentist replaces the soft base of your dentures with a new base shaped to fit your mouth. Here are four advantages of denture relining.

1. Relined Dentures Are More Secure

Dentists recommend regular denture relining to keep your dentures comfortable and secure in your mouth. It is normal for denture fit to deteriorate over the years as the shape of the mouth is not static. As you get older, your jaw is likely to shrink slightly, causing your dentures to feel loose. As a result, you might start to find it difficult to eat without your dentures slipping. You might avoid joining in with conversations in case your dentures slip, leading to social isolation.

2. Denture Relining Prevents Oral Injuries

Loose dentures not only make it difficult to speak and eat but also cause discomfort. In some cases, loose dentures can irritate the mouth to the point of causing ulcers or sores. You can avoid these oral injuries by scheduling a denture relining with your regular dentist or a denture clinic.

3. Denture Relining Reduces the Risk of Decay

Loose dentures are not only a hazard to your comfort but also to your oral hygiene and health. Scraps of food often become trapped under loose dentures, where bacteria break them down to produce waste products that contribute to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

If you have noticed that your breath does not smell as fresh as it used to, then poorly fitting dentures could be a possible cause. Ask your dentist about loose denture relining to see if it helps to resolve the problem.

4. Denture Relining Prevents Breakages

If your dentures do not fit securely, they are at a much higher risk of breaking than a perfectly fitting set of dentures. Many people try to stop loose dentures from moving around by using denture adhesive, but this approach can put even more stress on the dentures, leading to a greater risk of them fracturing.

Although there is often a cost associated with denture relining, that cost is much lower than the cost of repairing or replacing dentures that have broken into two or more pieces. Don't wait until you bite down on a nut or hard candy and fracture your dentures. Instead, contact a local dentist today to discuss denture relining.