Advantages and Disadvantages of Same-Day Dentures

Same-day dentures, sometimes called immediate dentures, have many advantages compared to traditional dentures. However, they are not the best option for everyone. Take a look at what exactly same-day dentures are and how they compare to traditionally produced dentures.

What Are Same-Day Dentures?

The denture-fitting process traditionally includes several days during which you need to wait for your dentures to be manufactured. If you would prefer not to wait for this length of time after getting teeth removed, you can instead opt for immediate dentures.

Rather than being produced based on moulds of your gums, same-day dentures are made using images of your teeth, which are combined to give an approximation of the shape that the dentures need to be to fit well in your mouth. They are produced in advance, which means that they are ready to wear immediately after tooth removal.

Benefits of Same-Day Dentures

The biggest advantage of immediate dentures is that you do not have to spend any time without teeth. Once your tooth extraction is complete, you can insert your new dentures to avoid embarrassment over your appearance and to make eating and speaking easier.

Same-day dentures can be a very good match for the appearance of your original teeth. The dentist can note the colour and alignment of your teeth and use this information to create dentures that look natural for you to start using right away.

Drawbacks of Same-Day Dentures

A major drawback is that the fit of pre-made dentures is not always as good as the fit that can be achieved by taking a mould of the gums after they have healed. It is not always possible for dentists to predict the exact shape of the gums after healing from tooth extraction is complete.

The good news is that problems with the fit of dentures are easy to resolve through denture relining, which is a process that involves replacing the soft, flexible base of the denture to improve the fit. This procedure is much quicker and easier than producing a new set of dentures, although there may be a cost involved.

The other issue with same-day dentures is that they can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear right away, as the gums need time to heal. You might find that even though your new same-day dentures improve your appearance compared to having no teeth, you are still not able to chew normally until healing has occurred.

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