Three Ways to Use Teeth Whitening Trays Correctly

Besides being the most popular cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening is the only option you can conduct at home. Almost all other cosmetic dental procedures are in-office because a qualified dentist must perform them. At-home teeth whitening treatment can take several forms, the most popular being teeth whitening trays. However, you are likely to achieve undesirable results if you don't use teeth whitening trays according to a dentist's guidelines. It also takes longer to notice any results. This article highlights tips for using teeth whitening trays correctly.

Brush Teeth before Putting on Teeth Whitening Trays -- One of the most common mistakes people make when using at-home teeth whitening trays is failing to clean their teeth. Notably, food particle remnants stick to the enamel after eating. Unfortunately, the particles create a barrier between the enamel, reducing the effectiveness of teeth whitening trays by blocking the bleaching agent. Therefore, brushing your teeth right before putting on teeth whitening trays ensures the best results within the recommended time.

Do Not Overfill the Trays -- The most significant advantage of in-office teeth whitening over at-home treatments is that the former produces positive results much faster than the latter. However, it does not mean teeth whitening trays are not effective treatment solutions, especially if you consider their convenience. In this regard, it is common for patients to want faster results with at-home teeth whitening trays. For instance, some people try to accelerate the process by using an excess bleaching agent. Unfortunately, overfilling the trays leads to an overflow of the bleaching agent, which can burn soft tissues such as the gums, tongue, inner cheeks, and lips. Reading a product's instructions regarding the recommended amount of bleaching agent helps prevent such incidences.

Observe Time Limits -- Once you fill bleaching gel into teeth whitening trays and place them around your teeth, you should wait for the recommended time to lapse before removing them. The ideal time for each bleaching agent is well researched and factors in the reaction time. Therefore, if the bleaching agent you plan to use should remain in place for one hour, do not go beyond the time. Leaving the trays on longer than necessary increases the risk of burns and tooth sensitivity. Conversely, taking the trays off before the recommended duration prolongs the treatment. Therefore, always leave teeth whitening trays on for the recommended time limit for safe and excellent results.

For more information on teeth whitening options, contact your dentist.