The best way to keep your dentures clean

To get the best out of your dentures, you will need to keep them clean. A daily cleaning regime will ensure that they look as good as possible and do not suffer damage. These tips should help you to keep your dentures in the best condition.

Rinse after eating

After a meal, you will probably get small pieces of food stuck in your dentures, just as with natural teeth. You should therefore remove them and rinse them so that any debris is removed. Running water from the tap will be enough, but you might want to put a towel or cloth in the sink to protect your dentures in case you drop them. Brush your mouth before replacing them to ensure that there are no food particles left behind — use a toothbrush on your teeth, tongue, palate and the insides of your cheeks.

Brush daily

Tartar can form on your dentures just as easily as on natural teeth. You will therefore need to brush your dentures at least every day. You will need to remove them to do this. Use a soft toothbrush and denture cleaner to remove any deposits — don't use ordinary toothpaste as this will be abrasive and may damage the dentures. Clean the grooves to remove any remaining denture adhesive. You should then rinse them under the top before using them again, checking that there is no debris left on them and that they do not feel slippery.

Soak overnight

Dentures need to be soaked overnight as they may lose their shape if they dry out. Use a denture-soaking solution, as this will also help to prevent stains and stop bacteria from building up. Read the manufacturer's instructions to get the solution and the soaking time right. Don't use very hot water with the soaking solution as this could distort the dentures, and make sure that all parts are fully submerged and in contact with the solution.

Rinse after soaking

Finally, make sure you rinse your dentures thoroughly before inserting them again. The chemicals in the soaking solution can cause irritation and other problems if they come into contact with your mouth. You may want to brush the dentures again before putting them back in.

If you are unsure, the best thing to do is to consult your dentist who will be able to give you further advice on keeping your dentures clean and in top condition. For more information on cleaning dentures, contact a professional near you.