Four myths about root canal treatment, and the truth behind them

Root canal treatment has a reputation for being complicated and painful. However, it is an effective method of treating an infected tooth. Here are some of the myths you may have heard about this procedure, and the reality behind them.

It's very painful

A lot of people are scared about having root canal treatment because they think it is extremely painful. In fact, it is not. The procedure will be done under a local anaesthetic and you will not be able to feel anything. You are likely to be in pain from the infected tooth itself. As the treatment removes the diseased pulp from the tooth, it will immediately remove the pain rather than increase it.

Your teeth will turn black

There is a possibility that your teeth will become discoloured because of the procedure. This is because there may be blood from the dental pulp left behind in the tooth, which could lead to it darkening and turning a shade of purple, although it is unlikely to become black. This is nothing to worry about. If your tooth does become discoloured, just ask your dentist about options to bleach it or fit a crown.

You'd be better off with an extraction

A third myth is that it would be much easier just to remove the tooth. Some people believe that it will have to be removed sooner or later anyway. In fact, it is usually quite unnecessary to extract the tooth. Root canal treatment is a very effective procedure that will save the tooth. Removing a tooth, on the other hand, can lead to complications in itself — your other teeth may change position, or the gap may become infected. It is much better to remove the infected matter than to extract the tooth.

You don't need it if you're not in pain

A fourth myth is that root canal treatment is only necessary if you are in severe pain. It is likely that the infection will be causing pain, which will be relieved by the treatment. However, you may also need the procedure without feeling any pain at all. This is because there may be a fistula near the tooth, which drains the pus away so that it doesn't build up. The tooth is still infected, and the infection will only spread if it is not treated.

A root canal treatment is often misunderstood but will remove any pain and protect your other teeth. Just ask your dentist if you have any concerns. 

For more info about root canal treatments, contact a local company.