Why Cavities Are Not Just A Problem For Children

Cavities are often viewed as a dental problem that only children and teenagers really get, due to their poor dental hygiene routines and more sensitive teeth. However, the truth is that cavities affect virtually every adult, with some reports estimating over 90% of adults have a cavity. That is an extraordinarily high number and really highlights the fact that the idea of cavities being over as a problem when you grow up is simply false.

Root Canal Treatment Recovery

Roots canals are renowned for their pain. It’s not that they are extremely painful; people just love to exaggerate. Some claim that it’s the worst pain you can ever experience during a dental procedure. However, a root canal treatment really helps alleviate pain.   Modern root canal treatment methods are typically painless. You might experience some discomfort during the procedure but not the kind of exaggerated pain that everyone talks about.