Same-Day Dental Implants: Are You A Good Candidate?

With traditional dental implants, the placement process is multi-step and usually spans over a couple of months. With same-day dental implants, however, you get everything done on the same day. Same-day dental implants allow you to get your tooth restoration immediately without having to wait. As with any treatment, dental or otherwise, you will first need to establish whether or not you are a good candidate for same-day dental implants.

Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Your Child's Teeth

The health of your mouth is crucial because you use it every day for talking, eating and drinking. Furthermore, you don’t want to be in pain, have unsightly teeth, have foul breath or have an infection. You certainly don’t want these problems for your children either. Here are a few answers to questions you might ask paediatric dentists: At What Age Should You First Take Your Child to the Dentist?

Your Tooth Sensitivity Diet Guide: Foods to Watch Out For

Sensitive teeth can be one of the most unpleasant dental experiences you’ll ever have. Besides the discomforting tingly sensation that you feel when you have sensitive teeth, eating your favourite foods and drinks may become quite frustrating. Several issues can cause your teeth to develop sensitivity. Teeth grinding, brushing your teeth too hard using hard-bristled brushes, excessive use of mouthwash, and dental conditions especially gum diseases are some of the common causes of tooth sensitivity.

5 Oral Health Challenges Older People Face

As you age, your chance of experiencing an oral health problem increases. By being aware of the challenges that older people face, you can take action to protect your oral health as you get older. 1. Dry Mouth Many medical conditions and medications affect saliva flow. As many older people need to take medications every day, dry mouth is a widespread issue among the senior population. Lack of saliva can lead to sores in the mouth as well as increasing the risk of dental decay.

3 Effective Teeth Whitening Procedures

Tooth whitening has become a popular cosmetic procedure over the last couple of years thanks to the growing number of people that want a great smile. Therefore, dentists are busy prescribing procedures that they believe will brighten their clients’ smiles. If you have noticed some yellowing on your teeth and you are convinced that tooth whitening will work for you, then go for it. The treatment is not invasive, but several factors determine which procedure is best for you.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are made of metal resembling screws. These are implanted in the area of the missing tooth, and eventually, bone growth covers the implant, ensuring the implant is secured in place. A crown or artificial tooth is fixed onto the implant to cover the gap left over from the missing tooth. This crown is adjusted to resemble the teeth of the patient.