Preventing Common Dental Emergencies

When you need to see an emergency dentist, chances are you’ve encountered an unfortunate accident or you’re in a lot of pain. Ideally, you’ll prevent the need to see a dentist in an emergency altogether. Here are some common dental emergencies and the ways you can prevent them. Knocked-Out Tooth The causes of a knocked-out tooth can vary, which means it’s not always easy to prevent it from happening. For example, you’re not likely to anticipate tripping and falling.

When the Biting Surfaces of Your Teeth Begin to Erode

This might be one of those fun facts that you remember from school, but do you happen to know where the strongest and hardest substance in your body is? If you guessed your mouth—well done! Your dental enamel (which coats and protects your teeth) is even stronger than your bones. It’s not indestructible, and wear and tear can gradually cause your dental enamel to become thin, or even absent. This is best avoided with proper oral hygiene, along with being careful about the amount of sugar you consume.

Why Do Whitening Treatments Make Your Teeth Hurt?

If you are purchasing a teeth whitening kit to use at home, your expectations are probably quite basic. You expect your teeth to be whiter than they were before you used the product — no more, no less. While you might be sceptical that the product will deliver the results its marketing promises, you still expect a noticeable difference to the appearance of your smile. What you don’t expect is pain.

Top Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

First impressions matter, which is why most people tend to smile when they meet new people. However, people with teeth and oral issues have little to smile about. Often, they must go the extra mile to make their first impressions count, which is not always easy. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, with millions of patients benefiting from various procedures. It is no wonder the global cosmetic dentistry market size is expected to reach the USD 27.

5 Early Signs of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

By the age of about 25, most people already have—or have had—their wisdom teeth. Many people need to have their wisdom teeth extracted quite early, before they begin to cause problems. This is because by the time wisdom teeth begin to erupt, the jaw no longer has enough room to support them. When this happens, wisdom teeth become impacted, or lodged in the bone and gum. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause many issues like gum infections, toothache, headaches and chronic pain.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Same-Day Dentures

Same-day dentures, sometimes called immediate dentures, have many advantages compared to traditional dentures. However, they are not the best option for everyone. Take a look at what exactly same-day dentures are and how they compare to traditionally produced dentures. What Are Same-Day Dentures? The denture-fitting process traditionally includes several days during which you need to wait for your dentures to be manufactured. If you would prefer not to wait for this length of time after getting teeth removed, you can instead opt for immediate dentures.

4 Advantages of Loose Denture Relining

If your dentures have started to feel loose, you can achieve a better fit through denture relining. In this process, a dentist replaces the soft base of your dentures with a new base shaped to fit your mouth. Here are four advantages of denture relining. 1. Relined Dentures Are More Secure Dentists recommend regular denture relining to keep your dentures comfortable and secure in your mouth. It is normal for denture fit to deteriorate over the years as the shape of the mouth is not static.

3 Dental Bridge Cleaning Tools

Keeping your dental bridge clean is essential to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. However, using string floss for interdental cleaning can be difficult when you have a fixed dental bridge in place. Try using one of the following tools as an alternative to string floss to keep your dental bridge clean. 1. Interdental Brush An interdental brush is a fantastic alternative to string floss for people with a fixed bridge.

Helping You Understand Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the dental treatment options for missing teeth. It offers a more realistic appearance and comfortable experience compared to dentures. You may, however, find that it is recommended for younger and stronger people, not older. This is because dental implant procedures require surgery; the treatment and healing process can also run for months to completion. Here is everything you need to know about dental implants and dental implant procedures.