Do You Clench and Grind? Should You Be Worried?

In spite of the fact that we live in one of the most advanced eras for medical breakthrough, some conditions that plague humankind still remain a mystery. One of these conditions is a behaviour known as bruxism. This is the tendency of an individual to clench and grind his or her teeth, involuntarily. If you suffer from this condition what do you need to know and should you take any action?

Five New Resolutions to Help You Look After Your Oral Health in the New Year

When the new year rolls around, it’s a time for festivities and reflection, but it should be a time to create new, and hopefully long-lasting, resolutions. All the resolutions that you consider making to improve your social, economic, family and business life should be superseded by resolutions relating to your health. What can you commit to in order to improve your oral health going forward? There are five resolutions you need to make so that you can arrive at the end of the year with excellent dental health.

Will Implant Overdentures Work in My Case?

If you find it difficult to get used to wearing removable dentures, then you may qualify for the latest type of technology that combines denture wear with special implants. This type of procedure is known as an implant overdenture. What is involved? Considering the Benefits There are a variety of different approaches possible and your eligibility will need to be discussed with your dental professional. However, using a combination of an implant with removable dentures can often be a less costly procedure when compared to having crown teeth put in.

How to Protect Your Teeth When Playing Rough Sports

Sports like hockey, rugby and football are a great way to keep fit and have fun, but they come with serious risks to your teeth. Common injuries include teeth being knocked out, fillings or crowns being displaced, and the jaw being fractured. To avoid pain and costly treatment, there are a few measures you can take. Wearing the correct protective equipment and making sure it fits perfectly is really important. Prepare for the worst by researching local dental clinics before away games and carrying a dental first aid kit with you at all times.

Dental Health: How to Combat Staining Caused by Cigarettes

Smoking is as bad for your appearance as it is for your health. People who smoke will often develop stained or yellowed teeth. However, if you are a smoker, there are some steps you can take to help to combat the impact of cigarettes on your teeth. Below is a guide which will help you to keep your teeth looking nice and white. Rinse your mouth after every cigarette The reason your teeth become discoloured and stained after smoking is the build up of tar and nicotine on the enamel surface.

Reasons You May Require Root Canal Therapy

A common misconception about dental problems is that they are rooted in bad oral hygiene. Although improper care of your teeth will greatly contribute to you requiring dental procedures, this is not the main cause. One treatment most people are apprehensive about is root canal therapy. This procedure, also referred to as endodontic treatment, is carried out when the pulp in your tooth has become compromised by bacteria. The following are some of the reasons why you may require root canal therapy.

Will You Need Plastic Surgery for Your Gums?

You may have been putting off a visit to the dentist for a considerable period of time and have noticed that your general oral health is less than it should be. You may be worried about periodontal disease, where infection spreads beyond the gums and into the bone density itself. How do you know if you’re going to need extensive help, such as plastic surgery, in order to correct everything?

When to Take Your Child to See a Dentist

Children, like adults, should see a dentist regularly, even if they still haven’t grown their adult teeth. A dentist can monitor the health of their mouth and the growth of their teeth and ensure adult teeth are coming in when expected. However, there are times when you want to take your child to a family dentist even if it’s not their scheduled appointment, as they may have problems with their mouth or teeth that shouldn’t wait to be treated.

Emergency Dentist | 3 Priority Actions When A Sports Trauma Results In Broken Teeth

You probably enjoy your time in the boxing ring or perhaps you’re a rugby enthusiast. While these sports can be incredibly rewarding, they also put you at higher risk of losing your teeth because of a trauma or blow to your face. Losing a single tooth or multiple teeth can have a significant impact on your appearance. Follow these high priority actions when a sports trauma results in broken teeth and head to your emergency dentist immediately.

Endodontic Myths Debunked: The Focal Infection Theory And Root Canal Treatments

Endodontists across Australia successfully carry out thousands of root canal treatments every year, helping patients deal with serious dental problems. Nonetheless, unfounded theories about the risks of these treatments remain relatively common online, particularly in relation to a theory known as focal infection. Learn more about how this theory relates to root canal treatments, and find out what modern scientists say about focal infection. The focal infection theory The focal infection theory gained widespread popularity in the early 1900s, largely thanks to the research that Dr Weston A.

3 Common Dental Problems Experienced During Pregnancy

Being pregnant can have an affect many different aspects of your health, including your oral health. While you are carrying your baby, you may develop or be a risk of developing a number of different oral conditions and illnesses. Below is a guide to some common oral health conditions you may experience during your pregnancy. Gingivitis Gingivitis is a very common oral condition during pregnancy. It is normally triggered by hormonal changes.

Beat Bad Breath: 3 Things to Add to Your Diet

Having bad breath can really impact the quality of your life. At work you may not want to contribute during important meetings, and you may be self-conscious when socialising with friends for fear they will catch a whiff of your beastly breath. However, making some simple changes to your diet can help you to combat bad breath and restore your confidence. Below are 3 things you should add to your diet today.

The Surprising Truth About Fruit and Oral Health

Most people have heard the advice that you should eat fruit as part of a healthy diet. When compared to junk food, it’s hard to imagine how fruit could be bad for your health. While fruit might seem like the healthier option when you compare it to a piece of candy, is it better when it comes to your dental health? While there are foods with higher levels of sugar out there, when it comes to eating fruit, the outcomes for your oral health very much depend on how you eat it.

3 Tips for Relieving Toothache While You Wait to See a Dentist

When you have a toothache, the first thing you should do is book an appointment with an emergency dentist in your local area. Toothache that goes untreated can lead to serious oral health problems. While you wait for your appointment, here are some ways to relieve the pain so you can get on with your life. 1. Use the Right Pain Relief Medication Painkillers can provide relief from toothache, but not all of them are suitable.

The Principles Of Dental Ethics: An Introduction For Parents

Dental practice is a “sensitive” affair. No pun intended. The incorporation of ethical issues into the various fields of dental practice mainly serves to protect and advance the welfare of patients in the hands of dental health practitioners. Dental practice is guided by a number of ethical principles that apply to all dental health practitioners regardless of their field of specialization, level of expertise, academic qualifications and so on. Three of these principles are discussed below for the benefit of parents involved in a dental malpractice lawsuit.

Common Oral Conditions That Develop During Pregnancy

Being pregnant tends to affect various aspects of a woman’s health. In some women, this could also include their oral health. There are a number of oral conditions that you could develop while you are pregnant. In addition to this, symptoms will vary from one woman to the next. As such, you will find that some women can bear with the different oral conditions because symptoms are mild, whereas others may require regular dental appointments to ease the symptoms.

Different Types of Dental Crowns You Can Consider

Dental crowns, also referred to as dental caps, are prosthetics that are cemented directly onto a damaged tooth. The main function of dental crowns is to camouflage any damage that has been acquired by the tooth such as chip or a fracture. However, they can also be used to strengthen teeth and correct any misalignments, hence improving the aesthetics of your smile. Dental crowns are custom made for patients. If your dentist requires you to have one, they will start by reshaping your tooth so as to ensure the dental crown will fit snugly atop the tooth.

How to Prevent Rapid Teeth Discoloration after Undergoing a Teeth Whitening Procedure

All you have to do to brighten up your smile is see your cosmetic dentist for a teeth whitening procedure. However, with time, your brightened teeth will inevitably lose their white color again, and therefore you may think of re-whitening them. Your teeth may not stay white without help from you, so you should plan to keep them looking that way without too much repeated whitening procedures. Here are some tips on how you can maintain a brighter smile for longer after having a teeth whitening procedure.

What Are Some Benefits of Getting Dentures?

If you currently have missing teeth, whether it is only a few teeth or an entire row of teeth, you may be considering your options for replacing the teeth. There are many benefits to choosing partial or complete dentures, including the following. You Can Eat Better Having a few multiple teeth missing might not be a major issue as far as your smile is concerned, especially if they are molars that are not easily seen when talking.

Why Do Dentures Need to Be Kept Moist?

Although your dentist may have told you to keep your dentures in 247 for a while until your mouth gets used to wearing them, you may then have been told that you don’t have to wear them all the time. Your dentist may even recommend that you leave your dentures out each night to give your mouth a chance to recover from the stresses of daily wear. Alternatively, you may simply find that you get a better night’s sleep without dentures in your mouth.

What is Teeth Contouring?

If you are not happy with your smile, your dentist might recommend tooth contouring. Also called reshaping, contouring allows your dentist to change certain aspects of your teeth. While not often used as the sole cosmetic dental procedure, it can still make a big impact. Here are some things to know about tooth contouring to decide if it’s right for you. What is contouring? With tooth contouring, the dentist uses a special tool to remove some of the surface enamel from the teeth.